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Solar Energy in Rwanda



Rwanda’s Total on-grid installed solar energy is 12.08 MW. There is no on-grid solar project ongoing now. Households far away from the planned national grid coverage are encouraged to use Solar Photovoltaics (PVs) to reduce the cost of access to electricity. The Rural Electrification Strategy in Rwanda approved in June 2016 outlines strategies through which Rwanda’s households could “have access to electricity through the most cost effective means by developing programmes that will facilitate both the end users to access less costly technologies and increase private sector participation in the provision of these solutions” (MININFRA, RES, 2016). 

In line with this strategy, the EDCL signed MoUs with some 24 private companies to increase the supply of off-grid solar home systems, improving the country’s supply chain, bringing solar systems closer to the clients countrywide. As a result, some 18,312 solar units have been disseminated so far.