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In general, the territory of Rwanda has an estimated solar field of yearlong regular sunshine from 3.8 to 4.5kWh/m²/day. Today, satellite data show that the territory of Rwanda is in the global zone where the daily global radiation (annual average) is between 5 and 6 kWh/m²/ day. The average solar radiation is about 4.5 kWh / m² / day for most of the country, and it can reach 6 kWh / m² / day in the central, southern and south-eastern regions. The average sunshine time per day is 8 hours, which makes solar energy in Rwanda economically viable.

In the context of stimulation the usage of renewable energy and energy efficiency equipment where they are the least cost and sustainable options, the Government of Rwanda has obtained a grant from the Global Environmental Facility Trust Fund (World  Bank/GEF) of an amount of US$ 4.5 Million for the Rwanda Sustainable Energy Development Project (SED Project) and a grant from the Nordic Development Fund of 4 million Euros for development of solar water heaters market in Rwanda (SolaRwanda Program).

The main objectives and targets of SolaRwanda Program is to promote the widespread use of solar water heaters in residential sector through financial incentives, and other support measures, with a goal of installing solar water heaters with a total estimated yearly saving of 23,328 Mwh.

Solar Water Heater (SWH) systems use energy from the sun (solar radiation) to heat water that can be use fir bathing as well as washing clothes and most typical household equipment. Solar water heaters are simple, easy to install and are connected to the existing water supply system.

Water heating is reported to be the third largest energy consumer in home. By heating water with solar water heater, the is a reduction in dependence on electricity, fossil or biomass fuel and save money and improve the environment. A SWH could especially help to save money if your home has been using electricity, because of rising cost of these energy sources.

Energy Development Corporation Limited (EDCL) signed partnership agreements with 4 companies for supply and installation of solar water heaters in residential and non-residential houses and provides grant and interest free loans to residential houses. So far, 2,326 SWHs have been installed in different households across the country and the program is still under intense implementation.

Selected eligible suppliers which currently work with EDCL are the following:





Entreprise Rutagarama Fidele (E.R.F)




Munyax Eco




Global Evolution Energy