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196 households of Gitaraga to benefit from a 4KW Solar Minigrid

On this 16th of May 2018, citizens of Gitaraga village located in Mwogo Sector of Bugesera District inaugurated a 4 KW minigrid providing access to electricity to 196 households in this area which is currently not connected to the national grid.

This mini-grid system built by MeshPower, a rural electrification renewable energy company operating in Rwanda, has enabled citizens of Gitaraga to start small businesses using this electricity such as welding, entertainment (video shows, games), cold drinks refrigeration (bars and restaurants) mobile phone charging, hair dressing, tailoring, egg incubation as well as  maize milling.

The Program Manager of Mesh Power, Julie Roberts said that These mini-grids are among the several private sector-led efforts to fast track the realization of the Rwandan government’s vision of achieving universal electricity coverage by 2024.

 “By powering homes, we enable villagers to improve their standard of living. By powering businesses and productive enterprises, we enable economic development at the village-level by generating employment and revenue,” he said.

The Managing Director of EDCL, Felix Gakuba who was officiating the inauguration ceremony, told thanked MeshPower for this initiative.

“Such initiatives are contributing to the Government program to provide access to electricity to all Rwandans by the year 2024” he said.

Currently, access to electricity stands at 44.7 whereby 34 are connected to the grid and 10.7 are accessing through off-grid solutions, mini-grids included.