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Gisagara - Residents of Saga Cell are soon being connected to the grid

On this Tuesday 08th May 2018, Rwanda Energy Group met with residents of Saga Cell, in Muganza sector, to discuss on the ongoing project aiming to give them access to electricity.

This project funded by the Rwandan Government under a loan from SAUDI FUND intends to provide access to on-grid electricity to more than 16,800 Households of Gisagara and Nyanza Districts.

“In our Imihigo in Saga Cell, we are targeting to have 300 households connected to the grid before the end of this year. This project gives us hope that we will even exceed this target” said the Executive Secretary of Saga Cell.

The construction of the distribution lines in the area had a bit been halted in order to first ensure that the citizens are fully compensated for their properties damaged during the clearance of the corridor where MV lines’ will pass by.

 As the standards stipulate a 12 meters radius on a medium voltage line for safety purpose, compensation will consider this radius and citizens will still be able to use the land to cultivate small sized crops such as beans and potatoes.

In front of the local leaders, these citizens agreed with REG team that after valuation of their affected properties, they will participate in the clearing process of the area and facilitate technicians to build the lines.

“We are eager to get this electricity and get light. We will initiate some small businesses thanks to this electricity” they said.