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1380 residents of Bugesera District get electricity

Imagine living in a world with little or no light when the sun set. That was the plight of an estimated 1380 residents in Ngeruka sector in Bugesera District in until they got connected to the national grid early this December.

According to one of the residents in Ngeruka sector Mukarugamba Innociata 40 years, they were not always left completely in the dark. Kerosene lamps and the fire wood sticks used to provide some sort of light while cooking.

That's why the residents are so thankful to the government for having made it possible for them to have electricity in their village.


“I am really happy now that even when darkness falls I will still be able to get along with enough light. Previously with  my aging eyes, I used to dread darkness because it meant that the day was over and we would retire for the night unlike today, thanks to the electricity that they brought for us” says Mukarugamba.