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2200 citizens in Gicumbi District get access to electricity


Citizens living in Cyahafi, Rusumo, Mutete, Rwafandi and Kamasasa centers of Mutete Sector in Gicumbi District have been connected to the electrical network on this 11th December 2017. These citizens affirm that this is the trigger to their development.


These citizens had spent 23 years without electricity as the electrical infrastructure in the area had been damaged during the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsis.

Different electricity based businesses such as welding, hairdressing and carpentry to name but a few, will soon be started by the dwellers of Mutete sector as says Frank Kamu, the Executive Secretary of Mutete Sector.

Frank says that in his sector, all the cells didn’t have electricity except only Gaseke Cell which is neighboring Gasabo District.


In Gicumbi District, other non electrified sectors will soon get light. Those include Mukarange, Rubaya and Rutare. Currently, 27% of households in Gicumbi have access to electricity.