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Energy Development Corporation Limited signs cooperation agreements with off-grid IPPS

Independent power producers in a group photo with REG Management after agreement signing at Lemigo Hotel.

Kigali, October 12, 2016– Energy Development Corporation Limited (EDCL) signed Cooperation Agreements with off-grid Independent Power Producers (IPPs) for providing access to electricity in off-grid areas of Rwanda. This was done in the efforts to provide electricity access in off-grid areas of Rwanda where the Government encourages the private sector to participate in implementation of the Government's energy programs.

IPPs will be responsible for supplying, installing and provide maintenance services of installed systems whereas EDCL will be responsible for the project supervision and coordination with beneficiaries & other Government institutions. The systems to be installed will be in line with Rural Electrification Strategy promotion.

According to Emmanuel Kamanzi, the Managing Director EDCL, the system payment will be done by beneficiaries themselves and will be composed of down payment and a debt payable on monthly basis until the system cost is covered.

This partnership mechanism between the Public and Private Sector will enable to achieve the 2017/2018  Governments’ electrification target whereby, 48% of the households will be supplied by national grid and the remaining  22% will be electrified with off-grid solutions such as mini-grids (small hydro, solar and hybrid systems) and standalone PV systems.

The systems will provide lighting, phone charging, TV connections, refrigeration, pumping and will be best for commercial and industrial services because they meet standards.


  1. Mobisol
  3. NOTS
  4. Ignite Power
  1. 3EPOWER from Rwanda
  2. DASSY Enterprises from Rwanda
  3. ELARAI Global Services Ltd from Kenya
  4. Energy Resources Power from Rwanda
  5. GECO Ltd from Rwanda
  6. Global Evolution Energy from Rwanda
  7. Ignite Power Rwanda


  1. Nguvu Utilities Rwanda from Rwanda
  2. NURU East Africa Ltd from Rwanda
  3. Off – Grid Electric from Rwanda
  4. Serve and Smile Ltd from Rwanda
  5. SOLAR KIOSK from Rwanda
  6. TASS from Uganda
  7. Vision Technologies from Rwanda


The project is part of the government’s initiative fast-track electricity program in rural and urban areas in Rwanda