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The Management of Rwanda Energy Group informs all customers seeking services from REG Holding or its subsidiaries (EDCL/EUCL), that no cash payment is allowed.


All payments are made via REG/EDCL/EUCL accounts. When it comes to free services, no payment is allowed.


Any cash payment to REG/EDCL/EUCL staff by a customer seeking a service is  CORRUPTION and is punishable by the law. This is also prohibited in the code of conduct of REG staff.


The Management of REG would like to use this occasion to inform the public that a special phone number has been dedicated to reception of complaints and information on corrupt behaviors observed on REG staff. You can report either by sending an SMS or using Whatsapp. The number is 0788310606.


We strongly encourage you to use this number and report any corruption behavior on REG/EDCL/EUCL staff. Let’s work together to eradicate corruption in the energy sector.




Ron Weiss
Chief Executive Officer