Energising Development (EnDev) Promotion of Solar Lighting and Village Grids

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Energising Development (EnDev) Rwanda promotes private investment in the energy sector for off-grid electrification through Results-Based Financing. Incentives (in form of subsidies) are awarded to companies that are successful either in selling Lighting Global-certified solar systems (picoPV and solar home systems), or in developing isolated village grids. The financing mechanism is implemented by Urwego Opportunity Bank on behalf of EnDev Rwanda.

 Energising Development is an international energy access partnership with projects in 24 countries and is currently financed by six donor countries – the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Australia, the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

 For more information, calls for interested companies, as well as application documents and guidelines, please visit http://urwegobank.com/energising-development.html



Announcement about how to pay water bill

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The Management of EWSA informs its esteemed customers that due to a technical problem, customers cannot pay their water bills on the sub dealers counters.

Therefore customers are advised to settle their outstanding bills to their nearest EWSA Branches or Headquarters and to all commercial banks, effective from 15th February 2014. Payment in Banks will be deposited on the following accounts:







BCR (I & M) /RWF








GT BANK  / RWF (ex- FINA Bank)








We further wish to advise our customers who have not received their bills to contact their nearest Antenna or Station.

The Management of EWSA wishes to thank customers for their cooperation.



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The Management of EWSA Ltd wishes to inform its esteemed customers who live in Kigali and its surrounding areas that during this dry season, there is water scarcity resulting from increased water consumption as there are no other alternative sources of water as it is during rainy season. 

We therefore urge our esteemed customers to practice rational use of water by reducing frequent and extravagant gardening, car washing and stop street watering. 

The Management of EWSA Ltd further urges its customers and public at large to stock water when delivered in their area to sustain periods of water shortage. 

The Management of EWSA Ltd takes also this opportunity to inform its customers that it has established a dynamic water rationing schedule, which will be published every week in different media outlets including Newspapers, TV and Radio Channels, EWSA Website and Social Media (Twitter and Face book).

In case of  any Commercial or Technical problems please contact the following Branch Managers :

 Gikondo: ( 0788303849);

 Nyamirambo: ( 0788305792);

 Remera: ( 0788303731);

 Kanombe: (0788303793);

 Muhima: (0788307824);

 Kacyiru: ( 0788459704) and

 Nyarugenge: ( 0788557863)

or call a EWSA Toll Free No: 3535.  

For urgent technical interventions including spotted pipe leaks, please call 0788683699. 

Once again, the Management of EWSA thanks its esteemed customers for the continued patronage and cooperation.



Electricity and Water Tariffs

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Energy, Water and Sanitation Ltd (EWSA) wishes to inform its esteemed customers that there has been no electricity tariff change.

The last change in tariffs happened in July 2012.

Below are EWSA Electricity and Water tariffs:

Electricity Tariff:

  • Ordinary consumption :

- 134 Rwf/Kwh plus TVA:158Rwf/Kwh

  • Industries:

- 96Rwf/kWh: Off Pick hours (11pm – 7am)VAT excluded
- 126Rwf/kWh : Mid Pick hours (7am:-5am) VAT excluded
- 168Rwf/kWh : On Pick hours (5pm -11pm) VAT excluded

Water tariff:

The cost per m3 is set according to the consumption as indicated below:

Monthly Consumption 

Tariff Excluding VAT (18%)

At Public Water Kiosk 

Rwf 240 @ Unit

Between 0 and 5 m 

Rwf 240 @ Unit

Between 6 and 20m3

Rwf 300 @ Unit

Between 21 and 50m3

Rwf 400 @ Unit

Between 51 and 100m3

Rwf 650 @ Unit

Above 101 m3

Rwf 740 @ Unit


Rwf 593 @ Unit

For more information please call our toll free line 3535 which works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Ibiciroby’Amashanyarazi n’Amazi

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Ikigo cy’Igihugu Gishinzwe Gukwirakwiza Ingufu, Amazi, Isuku n’Isukura EWSA  kiramenyesha abafatabuguzi bayo ko ibiciro by’amashanyarazi nk’uko byagiyeho kuitariki ya 01/07/2012  bitigeze bihinduka ,bikaba biteye kuburyo bukurikira : 

Amashanyarazi :

  • Ingo zisanzwe  :     134 Rwf/Kwh hamwe na TVA bikaba 158/Kwh                   
  • Inganda :  hatarimo TVA

-          96Rwf/Kwh kuva saa tanu zijoro kugeza saa moya za mugitondo ((23 h00 - 07h00)

-           126Rwf/Kwh : Kuva saa moya za mugitondo kugeza sa kumi nimwe za nimugoroba

 (07 h00 - 17h00)

-           168Rwf/Kwh : Kuva saa kuminimwe za nimugoroba kugeza saa tanu zijoro (17 h00 - 23h00)

Amazi :

Ibiciro kuri metre cube (m3) bibarwa hakurikijwe uko amazi yakoreshejwe 

Uko amazi akoreshejwe ku kwezi

Ibiciro bitarimo VAT (18%)

Ku tuzu twamazi

Rwf 240 @ Unit

Hagati ya 0 na 5 m3

Rwf 240 @ Unit

Hagati ya 6 na 20m3

Rwf 300 @ Unit

Hagati ya 21 na 50m3

Rwf 400 @ Unit

Hagati ya 51 na 100m3

Rwf 650 @ Unit

Hejuru ya 101 m3

Rwf 740 @ Unit


Rwf 593 @ Unit

Kuva ibibiciro byajyaho mu kwakarindwi 2012 ntibyigeze byiyongera. 

Uwaba afite ikibazo cy’ihariye cyo kwishyuzwa arenze ayo, yakwegera ishami rimwegereye cyangwa akaduhamagara kuri 3535 kugirango icyo kibazo kimenyekane kandi gikemurwe.

Ubuyobozi bwa EWSA buboneyeho kubashimira ubufatanye mudahwema kuyigaragariza.


 Ubuyobozi Bukuru bwa EWSA